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We are an innovative digital company based in the heart of Leeds City Centre.

We specialise in HD IP CCTV, Access Control Systems, Time Lapse Video, and Panoramic Photography, as well as IT support for both Mac and Windows and a soon to be launched marketing platform.

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About Us

Combining years of experience in the IT, security, and communications industries, Cinco Digital has solid foundations. From our grade 2 listed, riverside offices here on Dock Street, Leeds, we are perfectly poised to offer our services nationwide. As a completely independent company, we offer totally flexible solutions that are not influenced by suppliers or manufacturers.


Whether you want a high definition digital CCTV system, help with your social media campaign, an extended time lapse video, or a complete access control system - our expertise and extended family of partners cover a wide range of technologies and sectors.

Treating our customers as normal people is integral to how we operate. We won't blind you with science or technology if that's not your thing, and we work with your budget, not against it - if we can save you money, we will do.

If you would like to come down to our offices and talk to us about a project, get a second opinion on your ideas, or just a friendly chat about nothing in particular, then drop us a line and we can arrange a time to see you.

We also try to responsibly minimise our impact on the planet - primarily by using an energy supplier that uses 100% renewable energy.

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We have shot time lapse and panoramic footage everywhere from the heart of the financial district in London to Joshua Tree national park in California, working with small and large companies alike.

Whilst completely different concepts & services, time lapse and panoramic shoots both provide fantastic visual showcases for websites, kiosks, and promotional material.

Time lapse video is a unique and visually stunning way to capture events over a long period of time. It allows an entire event, spread over hours, days, months, or even years, to be edited into a short piece of footage that can be a few seconds or minutes long. Cinco Digital can provide remote viewing of the time lapse footage, and we even have cellular 3G solutions that make remote viewing possible even in areas that are isolated, or lack network infrastructure.

As well as the promotional and marketing benefits, time lapse video is also a powerful tool when monitoring traffic flow, recording wildlife behaviour, project managing, and in many instances of remote observation.

Cinco Digital also provide remote webcam services, enabling a live feed to a specified location. As with time lapse video, we can provide cellular 3G access for areas lacking in network connectivity. The webcam feed can be easily integrated into your web page, or configured to offer only password protected access.

Our panoramic imaging solutions give you a full 180° or 360° view of your project, providing a virtual environment in which you can look around the entire scene, almost as if you were there in person. 360° panoramas are great for allowing customers to view areas which they would not normally be able to see, for example the behind the scenes areas at a football stadium, the machinery and and equipment in a brewery, or a before/after comparison of a renovation project.


Offering nationwide service, Cinco Digital specialise in the planning, installation, & integration of HD IP CCTV systems. Analogue CCTV systems have numerous drawbacks, mainly that they are based on old technology, they are limited in their flexibility, & the quality of the image produced is often not good enough for the application. In addition, they are costly to maintain, & the viewing/recording of footage is usually restricted to the onsite location of the cameras.

Here at Cinco Digital, we only use High Definition, IP based systems. Below is a brief summary on the benefits of using HD IP systems.

Image Quality: With HD cameras, you can achieve an image that is around 3-4 times better quality than a traditional analogue system. Images are sharper, they do not need manual focusing, and can be adjusted remotely, without having to service the camera itself. This enables accurate viewing of vehicle registration plates, facial recognition, and detailed monitoring of employees in areas such as checkouts and POS.

Reduced Costs: Installation costs are reduced dramatically due to the use of CAT5/CAT6 data networking, and if a network infrastructure is already in place, then our systems can be easily integrated without affecting the existing network environment. Service and maintenance costs are also reduced, as the majority of HD cameras we use have no moving parts, so the failure rate is extremely low.

Better Integration: Our HD camera systems can be integrated into existing, or new, access control systems, and are totally flexible when it comes to local or remote monitoring, recording, and administration. Footage can be viewed using an iPad, iPhone or Android device, any internet connected PC, and we provide solutions for recording onsite or offsite, or both.

We can also offer 24 hour monitoring of your system, integrating your cameras with our partner's monitoring station facilities. This service provides timed, or round the clock monitoring, with operators having direct contact to the emergency services.

All of our HD IP CCTV systems can be integrated with one of our 3G cellular solutions, making it possible to monitor systems in areas that lack an internet connection, such as construction sites, or remote observation areas.

Cinco Digital use tried and tested equipment from leading manufactures such as Samsung, Axis, Mobotix, Panasonic, Sony, Qnap, Synology, Draytek, Nikon, Netgear, and Cisco.

access control

Cinco Digital offer a full range of access control systems, from basic single door entry, to fully automated gates and multiple door, high volume entry systems.

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Working with products from leading manufacturers such as Paxton, we plan, install, and integrate a system from start to finish. We also supply and install wheelchair access systems, providing automated entry at the push of a button. Get in touch and talk to us about your requirements, or for more information if you are unsure of your needs.

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Through our close family of partners, we can provide you with a solution for even the most complicated of projects. From web & graphic design, IT Support, and marketing gurus, right down to event management & planning, and security personnel, we have the right people handle your project.

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